This Week in Saint Paul: Monday, July 21–Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mankwe Ndosi

It’s Lowertown Reading Jam time again. This is the last in this year’s series, which has been among the strongest since the inception of the LRJ. This week, Mankwe Ndosi is the curator of the Jam. Mankwe describes herself as a “musicmaker, performer, educator, and culture weaver focused on sound, story, and expanding the vocabulary of singing.”

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This Week in Saint Paul: Monday, July 14–Sunday, July 20, 2014


Storymobile continues to roll through town and people continue to flock to it—not quite like the ice cream truck, but with more focus and sincerity… and you don’t have to ask Mom or Dad for money before Storymobile rolls by. We have young people pedalling hard to keep up with all of your stories. And Saint Paul’s arts community is giving us a lot to keep us busy, making new stories as we remember the old ones.

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This Week in Saint Paul: Monday, July 7–Sunday, July 13, 2014


I am already feeling nostalgic for summer, for some good reasons and for reasons that are, well, the sepia-colored-glasses type of recalling. We sure have had our share of rain, and like life, sometimes that rain brings flooding and other disaster. Maybe it’s time to sing the blues, or maybe it’s time to see what […]

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This Week in Saint Paul: Monday, June 30–Sunday, July 06, 2014


We have been busy this summer. We have only just begun. You might think we would be all tuckered out, but we have a great bunch of young people pulling the Storymobile, fueled by a decade’s worth of your stories, so our sprint to September’s Book Release Party (keep your eyes open for details in coming days) might leave us winded but nicely traveled. Here are a few ideas on where you can join our trek.

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This Week in Saint Paul: Monday, June 16–Sunday, June 22, 2014


After last weekend, you might be thinking there couldn’t possibly be any art or culture left in the Capital City. Okay, I guess you know better than that. For a lot of young people, this is the first full week off from school and the weather has been cooperating—except for a couple of rained-out baseball games and a picnic—and everyone needs to be out of the house and busy. This week’s TWISP (This Week in Saint Paul) is the fix.

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This Week in Saint Paul: Monday, June 9–Sunday, June 15, 2014


I have been thinking about this week for some time. I have been wondering what I would say, what I would tell you about, and have been feeling overwhelmed. The summer is busy and is even more so this weekend with the Light Rail Transit Green Line Opening on June 14. With free rides from Lowertown to our neighbors in Minneapolis, there’s a lot to see, with activities, entertainment, and art at each stop. The Saint Paul Almanac will be at the Victoria Station with our Storymobile. Hopefully, we will see you there as well as a few other places this week.

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This Week in Saint Paul: Monday, June 2–Sunday, June 8, 2014


June is a busy month for the Saint Paul Almanac. There are a lot of dates you should save: June 3, June 14, and June 27, to be specific. We have been telling Saint Paul’s story in many ways for many years. We still are looking for more stories, more voices, and new ways to collect them. On Tuesday, June 3, we will be celebrating at the Amsterdam with our new look. On June 14, we will show off our new Storymobile at the Victoria Green Line station for the Green Line Opening.

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Storymobile Brings People-Powered Storytelling to the Streets of Saint Paul


SAINT PAUL, MINN. (May 28, 2014) – June 14 marks the rollout of Saint Paul Almanac’s Storymobile. Storymobile is a moveable community engagement tool that makes it easy to share, display, collect, and generate the narratives that make Saint Paul the vibrant and diverse city that it is. Look for this multimedia, solar-powered roving art space throughout the summer. This “stories on wheels” is on a bicycle trailer with ready tools—iPads, microphones, amps, and keyboards, as well as good old paper and pencil—to share and record stories.

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This Week in Saint Paul: Monday, May 26–Sunday, June 1, 2014


If you did not notice last week, festival season is upon us. As you make your way through these festivals, remember, you are not only making memories and stories, but you are also making history. Who knows what you will see this summer, and the Saint Paul Almanac will be doing its part to join the fun including taking time to roll out our new Storymobile at the opening of the light rail Green Line on Saturday, June 14!

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