TWISP | This Week in Saint Paul: Monday, May 4, – Sunday, May 10, 2015


I would like to tell you the Saint Paul Universe is slowing down. It’s not. But I dare not take a breather for fear of missing the lovely celebration of art, life and the city. Speeding to the end of National Poetry Month, I did leave a share of poems, aided by a couple of muses—and my son will be glad to know that he was not one of them. (At least not for any poems that are planned to see the light of day.)

TWISP | This Week in Saint Paul: Monday, April 27 – Sunday, May 3, 2015


Last week was a poetry powerhouse in Saint Paul, fitting for the waning days of National Poetry Month. We had another all-star Reading by Writers with Carol Connolly that included some of the best pieces “with fire and light” from Nodin Press’s anthology and a packed Lowertown Reading Jam with “Farmworkers and Food Justice”. As I write, I realize that it is still National Poetry Month and I have not written enough poetry.

TWISP | This Week in Saint Paul: Monday, April 20 – Sunday, April 26, 2015


This Almanac busy wheel keeps on spinning. A few days ago the Midwest Book Award finalists were announced and the 2015 Saint Paul Almanac gained honors in SEVEN categories: Culture, Illustration (Photography), Interior Layout, Midwest Regional Interest, Reference, Total Book Design, and Travel! It is not the first time the Almanac has been honored. We received top honors last year in the Travel category. We were busy last year.

TWISP | This Week in Saint Paul: Monday, April 13 – Sunday, April 19, 2015


As you read this, I may still be sleeping off our week at the Association of Writers a Writing Programs (AWP) conference. Storymobile was a great hit. So many questions. So many ideas. So many writers, many of whom have their work in the Almanac, whose face has graced the stages of our many writing series, and who love what we do for Saint Paul and writers.

TWISP | This Week in Saint Paul: Monday, April 6 – Sunday, April 12, 2015


This is going to be a long week. The Association of Writers & Writing Programs annual conference is in the Twin Cities. Many Almanac writers will be there, and we will be there with where we might ask you, “What’s your story?” I tried packing in a few naps to help me keep up with the young folks, but after you see what gets mentioned here, and realize that there is much much more, you might realize the naps are futile. Getting out to join the happenings will not be futile.

TWISP | This Week in Saint Paul: Monday, March 30– Sunday, April 5, 2015


In the wake of a great Lowertown Reading Jam “ReMix the Struggle,” hosted by Eva Song Margolis, we are on the eve of and a week and a half away from The Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference (AWP). We are on the verge of more words than one can shake a dictionary at. Be prepared to be overwhelmed. Be prepared to write some of your own poetry. You have no poems, you say? Maybe you can find some inspiration around town this week.