Saint Paul Almanac Writers and Juxtaposition Arts Artists Featured in Black History Month Publication

The Almanac's Shaunté Douglas and Shaquan Foster.

The Collaborative Development Project, a joint initiative of the Saint Paul Almanac, Juxtaposition Arts, and Givens Foundation for African American Literature, and in partnership with Youthprise, is pleased to announce that articles and artwork by a team of youth and adults from our organizations will be published in February. Their work will be featured in a special Black History Month edition of Youthprise’s publication Newsflash.

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Hans Weyandt, co-owner of Micawber's, ends the chapter titled 'bookseller'


Hans Weyandt—who has co-owned Micawber’s with Tom Bielenberg since 2003— is quitting the book business to stay home and care for his three sons as his wife, a pediatric nurse practitioner at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics, takes on a new position. The father of boys ages 6, soon-to-be-4 and 16 months, Weyandt said he’s had many men—especially older men—say they wish they would have done what he is about to do. And despite the prospect of spending more time with dad, Weyandt’s eldest, Elliott, isn’t happy that he will no longer be allowed to roam the stacks at Micawber’s—a place that’s been a part of his life from the beginning—and take a book home with him at whim.

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Brave New Voices Youth Poetry Slam Festival: Six young people wanted to represent Minnesota!

Tish Jones, the hardest working woman in Twin Cities show business!

The Be Heard MN Youth Poetry Slam Series, presented by TruArtSpeaks, is a series of poetry slams held throughout the Twin Cities from February 7th to March 29th, 2013. The series will identify six young people between the ages of 13-19 to represent MN in the international BRAVE NEW VOICES Youth Poetry Slam Festival (BNV) summer 2014!

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Minneapolis Star Tribune calls us "fat"—and we're okay with that


On November 30, Minneapolis Star Tribune books editor Laurie Hertzel published an article, "Holiday books: 10 that reflect Minnesota and the region", which included a review of the 2014 Saint Paul Almanac. "From collected letters to collected stories, from memoir to adventure, these 10 books reflect Minnesota and the region", goes the byline, which introduces a variety of fiction, nonfiction, photo books, and several items of literary interest.

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Union Depot highlights Lowertown artists from the 2014 Saint Paul Almanac


The Union Depot, the restored transportation hub and key Lowertown landmark, is featuring the 2014 Saint Paul Almanac in a display inside its entrance hall. The latest edition of the Almanac features artwork by many Lowertown artists including Ken and Roberta Avidor, Ta-coumba Aiken, Michael McColl, Chad Hambright, Sarah Marie Wash, Josh and Amy Hosterman, Patrick McCutchen, Tom Dunn, Serena Mira Asta, Frank Brown, Rachel Whacker, Alex Kuno, Shelley Rolhf, Kristi Abbott. Tom Reynen, Tom McGregor, Lisa Mathieson, Mike Hazard, and Nigel Parry.

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Soul Sounds: an open mic for nurturing arts, building community


I recently had the opportunity to attend Soul Sounds Open Mic where the featured artist was Danez Smith, who is a spoken word artist, slam poet, and author. It was an intimate crowd of about 40 people, with some attendees even dressed in Halloween costumes. Soul Sounds Open Mic takes place at Golden Thyme Cafe in St. Paul every week, and is community collaboration between the Saint Paul Almanac and Golden Thyme Coffee Café. The goal of Soul Sounds is to create a safe, multigenerational, and diverse space for people to create and share work while engaging in active dialogue that promotes connection and community.

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Videos from the 2014 Saint Paul Almanac Literary Festival

Satish Jayaraj

To celebrate the launch of the 2014 Saint Paul Almanac, Cracked Walnut, with sponsorship from the Saint Paul Almanac, put together 25 daily readings from September 18th to October 12th, 2013. Each reading featured an average of five writers and poets who were published in the Saint Paul Almanac, and took place in a different location around the city to enable more people to attend from our neighborhoods and introduce our regulars to new watering holes. Most of the writers who took part are published in the 2014 edition of the award-winning Saint Paul Almanac. Cracked Walnut's Satish Jayaraj also invited previous Saint Paul Almanac contributors and other writers to take part in the Saint Paul Literary Festival. Many thanks from the Almanac to Satish for his amazing work in putting together 25 readings in 25 days!

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Photos from the 2014 Almanac Launch Extravaganza!

Tabla player Pratik Singh of SitarTabla TwinCities, together with sitar player Bryan Sonday, unleashed several hours of incredible Hindustani (North Indian) Classical Music in the AZ Gallery during the Almanac launch party. (Photo: George Roedler)

2014 Saint Paul Almanac photo contributor George Roedler (pages 331 and 394) came to our launch party on September 12 with his camera, and shared the following images with the Almanac. Access Jack Steinmann's 30-image album from the launch party. Expect more blog posts about the photographers and illustrators of the 2014 Almanac soon!

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Photostory: Mizna at the Lowertown Reading Jam

Fancy Mizna Instagram posted during the event. Follow mizna_arabart on Instagram.

Mizna brought a diverse group of established and emerging writers and performers to the Lowertown Reading Jam stage. With that Homeland Security dictum "if you see something, say something" ringing in their ears, Mizna’s group of Arab American and Muslim writers gave voice to their own experience of diverse homelands. The evening was hosted by performance artist and Mizna rep Moheb Soliman, who presented his own work along with the work of Robert Farid Karimi, Kathryn Haddad, Nimo Farah, Willie Nour, Niny Salem, Jna Shelomith, Sarah Thamer and percussionist Khaldoun Samman.

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