TWISP | This Week in Saint Paul: Monday, March 30– Sunday, April 5, 2015


In the wake of a great Lowertown Reading Jam “ReMix the Struggle,” hosted by Eva Song Margolis, we are on the eve of and a week and a half away from The Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference (AWP). We are on the verge of more words than one can shake a dictionary at. Be prepared to be overwhelmed. Be prepared to write some of your own poetry. You have no poems, you say? Maybe you can find some inspiration around town this week.

TWISP | This Week in Saint Paul: Monday, March 9 – Sunday, March 15, 2015

Photo Courtesy of David Mather

We made it through the state high school hockey tournament without a snowstorm. Are we now ready for the month-long spring tease? I expect this week will sport parks and college campuses with people wringing sun out of the sky like it was an Arizona vacation and wildly guessing which coat to wear out of the house. Like I mentioned last month, we don’t measure our winters by the groundhog nor the calendar.