Why Beep Baseball for the Blind?

The Saint Paul Gorillas. Back row, L to R: coach John Teisberg, coach Kent Evans, Kevin Moldenhauer, Nikki Mattson, Jennifer Dubin, Matt McCoy, John Schmitz, Tom Heinl, coach Dennis Stern. Front row, L to R: Joel Reinbold, Ricardo Maurao, Jerrry Lindau, Mike Hally, Nikki Schlender, Clarence and Nancy Schadegg. Photo courtesy of Dennis Stern.

In 1975, a team of blind baseball players in Saint Paul competed against a team from Arizona in the first World Series. Our Minnesota team was called The Saint Paul Gorillas, and they won the game 15–10. Rules of the game changed from year to year, but the game had beeping “kitten balls” and buzzing bases, as it does today.

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Jimmi Owens, Midway Baseball Ambassador

The Jimmie Owens plaque at Midway Stadium

Unlike the horror stories about parents gone bad at Little League games that occasionally appear on the evening news, Midway has a strong tradition of respect and civility, due in large measure to Jim Kelley, the energetic co-founder of the Midway Baseball program.

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The Rebirth of Lowertown

Photo: Peter Ladd

Welcome to the off-the-clock lives of artists in downtown Saint Paul. Thanks principally to the City of Saint Paul, the former Lowertown Redevelopment Corporation, ArtSpace, the Saint Paul Art Collective Housing Corporation, and local foundations, Lowertown—a district that by the early 1980s had lost most of its commerce and stood semi-abandoned and down on its luck—is thriving again.

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The Turf Club


The Turf Club is an historic landmark in the Twin Cities music world. One might wonder how this club set in the Midway—the land between downtown Minneapolis and downtown Saint Paul—amongst porn and pawn shops, liquor stores and Ax Man, maintains a name at all. This is not the hubbub of nightlife; no river views, no skyscrapers, no horse carriages or antique fire trucks, no pretty street lights, no Snoopy. It's University bus stops and Snelling traffic.

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