It's Electric!

The Electric Car

Gone are the days when I could sneak out of the house to get a few groceries without even brushing my hair. Now I have to look decent because I know people will stare, smile, and wave at me the whole way. Ever since we bought an electric car, I feel like I'm a float in a parade wherever I go.

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The St. Paul Hotel in the late 1970s

Saint Paul Hotel

I recently learned that the Saint Paul Hotel will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary in 2010. I wanted to make sure its role in our city's history was acknowledged in some manner. Perhaps my own personal reflections as a former employee and later a guest can contribute.

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(Photo: Dan Hendricks/Flickr CC)

"You'll get a ticket parked that way," I called.
A slim black woman in cleaning clothes
that workers wear at Regions Hospital
had parked her rusty car along the curb,
but pointed south, the wrong way on that street.

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The Union Depot

Union Depot in 1925. Source: Minnesota Historical Society

If you were to stand here today, on an equally mild summer morning, as the maker of this 1925 photograph did, Union Depot would not look much different. It would be, of course: time changes not only the physical lives of buildings but their meaning and function.

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Poem: Riding the 16

(Photo: John McNab/Flickr CC)

Forty-five minutes in the 2000s
Is enough time to write
A small book of poems
But they never seem to come
Until you're furthest away from a pen.

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