2013 SPA Community Editors

2013 Community Editors

Najib Aweis attends school in Saint Paul at Higher Ground Academy. He is known for his friendly smile, his kind manner, and his willingness to help others.

Shaquan Foster is in his second year working with the Saint Paul Almanac and hopes to return next year.

Andrew Hall is a freshman at the University of Minnesota, in his third year with the Saint Paul Almanac.

Tish Jones is a spoken-word artist, teaching artist, activist, and organizer in the Twin Cities. She has performed on many great stages in Minnesota and abroad. Her passion for words keeps her pen to the page and feet on a stage. If you see her on the street, say “Hi.”

Lillie Jordan has nine children, five boys and four girls, whom she loves very much. She also has grandchildren and great-grand children who keep her life full of love, peace, wishes, church, and sometimes just everything at the same time.

Ismail Jusuf Khadar says, “I’m a pretty chill dude, the kind of guy you can talk with about anything. I like to party and chill/read books. I aspire to be an anthropologist and travel the world.” Alternative time-management genius.

Patricia Kirkpatrick received the first Lindquist & Vennum Poetry Prize, and her book Odessa will be published by Milkweed Editions in 2012. Other awards include fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, Loft–McKnight, and Minnesota State Arts Board (1988, 2010); publications include a book of poetry, Century’s Road, as well as books for young readers, essays, interviews, and curricula. She has worked as a writer, teacher, and editor at universities, schools, and institutions around the country.

Naomi Krueger is a Saint Paul newcomer who is happy to exchange her small-town roots for the cultural complexity that is the Twin Cities. She is a reader, a knitter, and a freelance journalist.

Kabao Lee is a Hmong girl who studies German. She is attending St. Catherine University with the long-term goal of becoming a pharmacist. Being the oldest of seven loud, obnoxious children, she is managing work and school. In her free time she loves to do contemporary dancing in her best friend’s spacious kitchen, tut and pop (another dancing style) with the after-school crew Diverse Motion, think philosophically, free write, read a good novel, or sit down to a nice cup of chilled Thai tea. In the future, she hopes to go to Thailand and help out the Hmong orphans.

Jill Michaelis by day is studying Zen and the art of espresso slinging and by night enjoys sketching and writing poetry with her fountain pen.

Aisha Mohamud is an imaginative senior who loves to read books. Open-minded about the world, she loves to explore new things.

Victoria Perkins is relatively new to Saint Paul. When people ask why she moved here from the warmth of Louisiana she usually comes up with something about “change of scenery.” Mostly, though, she loves the sidewalks, the community, and the possibility of a future here.

Kathryn Pulley is a high school English teacher—a leader of teenagers, a starter of mind fires. She updates her curriculum and her hairstyle at least once a year. She is never satisfied with “good enough,” for her students or for herself, and she will soon receive her master’s degree. She has never minded being called a geek, which is good because she loves reading fantasy and watching anime. In her ideal world, she would be animated.

Ilhan Salah is seventeen, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a fan of Harry Potter and kpop!

Lisa Steinmann is a Saint Paul–based writer, teacher, and artist whose work spans both sides of the Mississippi River and other divides as well.

Jennifer Syverson thinks that Eliot was wrong. With the holiday lights gone from trees and homes, and the snow gray and worn; February taunts her with warmth yet to come. February is not the month to talk to her. Talk to her in May. Or June. Be safe; wait until July.

Muriel Tate fears new goals but faces them head on. She knows the sense of success is always worth all the nervousness and thoughts of not achieving the end results. Sometimes she overextends herself, but she works hard for what she believes in. She doesn’t let a cane and pain stand in her way. She never forgets to smile.

Diego Vázquez Jr. writes poems and slowly writes long stories.

Benjamin Reszka Werner is still struggling between a couple of Krispy Kremes. A traveler, a thinker, and a socialist, he’s the king of procrastination who always gets his work done.

Cade Yassin attends school in Saint Paul at Higher Ground Academy, is outgoing, and makes friends easily. He enjoys discussing and debating ideas. He thinks he may become a lawyer.

Patricia Anita Young is an accounting technician who has been writing since a classmate gave her a magical number two pencil in the third grade. As “keeper of the family stories” she records the oral histories of the Saint Paul village that raised her. Her article “All Aboard” was published in the 2012 Saint Paul Almanac. Patricia has published articles in the Twin Cities newspapers Insight News and Access Press, as well as numerous freelance articles on thriving while surviving chronic medical conditions.


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