2016 SPA Community Editors

WENDY BROWN-BÁEZ’s prose and poetry have appeared in literary journals and anthologies, and she has published two books of poetry. Wendy received McKnight and Minnesota State Arts Board grants to teach writing workshops in nonprofits and for youth in crisis. She is a member of the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop. www.wendybrownbaez.com

COLLEEN CASEY uses language and other arts to facilitate positive transformation. From Bdote and of Mdewakanton Dakota and European American heritages, Colleen considers herself a person of crosscurrents and confluences. She loves supporting people who are strengthening their voices. She believes we are all related.

PAMELA R. FLETCHER BUSH editor and writer, is writing director and associate professor of English at St. Catherine University. She also serves as senior editor and co-facilitator of the Community Editor Project for the Saint Paul Almanac.

METRIC GILES is an avid ambassador of the Saint Paul Almanac as well as the board chairperson.

People say Saint Paul is confusing to navigate, but IBé has never gotten lost driving around it. Oh wait, must be the GPS in his phone! But still, even before the advent of so-called smart phones, he did just fine. The more he reads about Saint Paul through the Almanac, the more he loves the city IBé writes poems, essays, and other things. They are always stories—about Guinea, Sierra Leone, and America. They are all his home! He has been honored with a few awards for his writing, but he doesn’t feel like showing off to you right this minute. You may find out more about him on his website at www.AtlanticRock.com if you are at all interested.

KEMET IMHOTEP was conceived in Oklahoma and born in Saint Paul. He was left under the care of his great-uncle and -aunt through marriage. His aunt, Willia Mae Johnson, who was born on a plantation in Arkansas in 1918, was a strong believer in faith and trust in the Creator. Kemet says the school system failed him. He was in the class of 1990 at Central High School, and finished at the Area Learning Center located in the Uni-Dale Mall. At present he says he is a lost troubled soul, still finding his way through the quicksand.

ADAM LUEBKE grew up in southern Minnesota and moved to Saint Paul to attend law school at William Mitchell on historic Summit Avenue. While in law school, he married his beautiful wife, Heather, and the couple continues to reside in Saint Paul with their energetic Boston terrier, Quincy. Adam serves on the Almanac’s board of directors.

KABAO LY is a wandering Hmong woman who calls Saint Paul her home. She is the oldest of seven annoying but loving kids and a previous pet owner of several goldfish that died because she fed them too much. She currently attends St. Catherine University and has published “Not” in the Hmong Women Write Now anthology.

DR. SHERONDA ORRIDGE is owner/operator of Loving Spirit Life Coach Academy LLC, Loving Spirit Radio & Publishing, and Worldwide Coaching Connection. As a Holistic Life Coach she specializes in coaching clients with multiple barriers. Dr. Sheronda uses writing and performing as tools to help clients gather their thoughts and express their feelings in healthy and productive ways.

DEB RUNYON lives in Como with her three high-maintenance men, which she calls her diet plan and greatest accomplishment. She’s grateful for her two years as a community editor and the experiences it afforded and looks forward to the next chapter.

STEWART STONE originally from Wisconsin moved into Mac-Groveland in 1998. He is happily still there, now accompanied by his wife, three boys, and dog. He is often found near the Mississippi River as a guide for Wilderness Inquiry or on the tennis courts that dot the Saint Paul community.

CLARENCE WHITE is a former bookseller living in the Merriam Park neighborhood of Saint Paul. He has worked and taught in artist residencies in Saint Paul and suburban schools and was a 2011–2012 Givens Foundation for African American Literature Retreat fellow. He is the calendar editor for the Saint Paul Almanac and the writer of This Week In Saint Paul, the Almanac’s weekly arts events blog. He is also the author of The Clarence White Blog.

SID CARLSON WHITE attends Mounds Park Academy. He doesn’t write as much as he should, as he is more likely to be found at a chess tournament or a math competition. He is known for the spontaneous limerick and comparing just about everything to baseball.

ALEXA YANKTON is a member of the Spirit Lake Dakota. She is in the seventh grade at her middle school. Alexa is an entrepreneur and enjoys her lemonade stand with friends. She delights in hiking nature trails, visiting museums, traveling, and being with her family. Alexa is a Pow Wow Princess and water carrier at ceremonials.

LISA YANKTON can often be found stargazing in the evenings. Instead of wishing on a star, Lisa wishes she knew their names. An award-winning poet, Lisa uses her writing and presence to create positive change. She is the mother of two lovely daughters and a member of the Spirit Lake Dakota.


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