2015 Saint Paul Almanac Corrections

Corrected Dates

  • Page 70 – Passover Begins the evening of April 3 (not “April 4”).

2014 Saint Paul Almanac Corrections


Artwork Attributed Incorrectly

  • Page 169 – The photo illustrating a story about a mother ruby-throated hummingbird is, in fact, male. The difference between the two sexes of hummingbirds can be seen on this page (male left, female right). The Almanac apologizes to the Hummingbird Nation and bird lovers everywhere.
  • Page 219 – The bluffs from which the photo was taken were incorrectly identified as Dayton’s Bluff to the east of the city. They are, in fact, the bluffs on the south side of the Mississippi, across the river from Downtown.



2013 Saint Paul Almanac Corrections


Artwork Attributed Incorrectly

  • The photos on pages 49, 261, and 273 are mistakenly attributed. Photos on pages 49 and 273 are the creation and property of Amy Unger. The photo on page 261 is the creation and property of Amy Clark.
  • Page 9 – The illustration has an incorrect caption. The correct location of the Dakotah Building is at Selby and Western avenues.

    Corrected Facts

  • On page 267, fourth paragraph:“In 1972 James Dee Cook became the first American of African heritage in the state of Minnesota to achieve Certified Public Accountant Status” (not 1965).“In 1973 he was appointed as Auditor of American National Bank and Trust Company, reporting directly to the president” (not “in 1995 he became vice president at the American National Bank of Saint Paul”).