Saint Paul Almanac is a literary-centered arts organization. We share stories across cultures and cultivate dialogue to promote understanding, relationships, and collaborative action.


STORYTELLING: We connect people to one another through sharing stories.

MENTORING: We support authentic intergenerational and intercultural learning between youth, elders, emerging and established artists and writers.

EQUITY: We facilitate opportunities for the voices of all people to be heard and to shape the communities in which we live.

IMPACT: We believe integrating the arts into all of our daily lives creates more productive, connected, informed, just, and livable communities.

WORK: We recognize artists as workers and we create opportunities for artists, including paying for the contributions of local writers and artists.



A world of equitable communities made strong through literature and the arts.


Practices and Principles

1) Recognizing and mobilizing community assets;

2) Connecting across cultures;

3) Facilitating collaborative action;

4) Continuously learning and improving;

5) Being accountable

(Practices and Principles adopted from Everyone Leads: Building Leadership from the Community Up by Paul Schmitz)