What We Do

Our mission is primarily accomplished through collaborative decision making in publication activities, readings, and mentorships that develop, showcase, and honor local voices.

Publishing and Exhibition

  • We publish the annual Saint Paul Almanac compendium filled with stories, poems, and artwork related to the city. Five-time award-winning—now in its eleventh edition.
  • We launched Storymobile in June 2014 and Storymobile 2.0 in June 2016. Residents write, film, and speak their stories with help from professional writers.
  • Our new 2019 project, Poetry in the Park in the Dark, publishes poetry and art in solar-powered rocks that light up at night when you walk by them.
  • Our IMPRESSIONS project publishes poetry combined with art on the Green Line and on buses.
  • We publish chapbooks and trade paperbacks (Ramsey County Corrections, Vision Loss Resource Center) for organizations to celebrate their work.


  • We host our “Almanac Literary Festival” in partnership with Cracked Walnut. Almanac authors read their work.
  • We host the Lowertown Reading Jam Series


  • Community editor project—approximately 20 community editors of many ages and ethnicities choose what goes into the Almanac and learn writing and publishing skills.
  • Writing workshops in schools, jails, libraries, and other local organizations.


Saint Paul Almanac is a literary-centered arts organization. We share stories across cultures and cultivate dialogue to promote understanding, relationships, and collaborative action.

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