Community Editor Apprenticeship Project

Twenty community editors of many ages and ethnicities participate in a literary arts apprenticeship and produce the award-winning Saint Paul Almanac—a unique community-based literary publication that celebrates life in our state’s capital.

The apprentice editors work in close partnership with five accomplished editors/writers on their own writing skills. They create rubrics to evaluate writing excellence and use those rubrics to discuss and rate hundreds of submissions within a cohort setting. They learn the skills of community-based acquisition editors: how to collect writing in a loving and honorable way from their communities (at least two stories each) and help those they collect from send in their best work.

Want to become a Saint Paul Almanac Community Editor?

The new community editor project begins in October 2019 to prepare the next Almanac. This will be our thirteenth book.

Community editor requirements: A love for writing and reading. Potential community editors must submit a short application (see Participate). Persons ages 14 or older are welcome to participate.

Community Editor Apprenticeship Project

During the course of 12 weekly Wednesday meetings community editors/apprentice editors will:
  1. Learn how to gather poems and stories from their community
  2. Develop a system for compiling and editing an anthology
  3. Determine collectively what goes into the Saint Paul Almanac, based on criteria of quality and inclusiveness
  4. Learn how to “build a manuscript”
  5. Learn the steps in publishing a book
  6. Improve their own writing and editing through workshop sessions with professional writers
  7. Build confidence and trust in their abilities through participating in the community editor process
  8. Develop relationships with professional writers that may not occur in other contexts

Apply to be a community editor

Dinner is provided, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Before each workshop, editors rate each writing piece. At meetings editors voice their rating and analysis to support it. At the last few meetings, the top-rated pieces are reviewed one more time. As a result of the workshop process, new community editors’ concepts of quality and inclusivity are refined. Apprentices often re-rate work that early on in the process they rated differently.

We have approximately 25 community editors each year—5 professional editors/writers as community editors, 10 returning community editors, and 10 new community editors. Since there is much to learn, the opportunity to repeat the process is helpful.

Our goal is for more people of many backgrounds to be actively participating in literary arts activities in Saint Paul.


Saint Paul Almanac is a literary-centered arts organization. We share stories across cultures and cultivate dialogue to promote understanding, relationships, and collaborative action.

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