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Art Galleries

Private galleries for collectors and public galleries for visitors.

Bars & Restaurants

An A-Z listing of restaurants and bars in Saint Paul.


"Of the writing of books there is no end" wrote the author of Ecclesiastes. If you wanted to do nothing but shop for books in St. Paul, you'd eventually get to the end, but it would take you some time!
Pollys Coffee Cove

Coffee Houses & Tea Shops

Award-winning coffees and tasty teas.

Dance Venues

There's Sunday night social dances, ceili and clogging, swing, and tango!

Deli Grocers & Food Co-ops

From the small but rich Abu Nader Deli and Grocery to the two locations of the Mississippi Market Food Co-op, St. Paul is a great place to shop for food!


The Saint Paul library system provides resources for everyone; from children studying their favorite subject to adults on a day off from work. Offering many literary, historical and cultural events and programs, Saint Paul libraries also provide further learning for eager minds of the city. Each library provides a calm, safe learning environment to read, study surf the web, search for information, or just relax and take a break.

Museums, Historical Sites & Tours

If you're interested in politics, the Minnesota State Capitol has free tours on the hour. To explore the haunt of Saint Paul gangsters from an even earlier era, the Wabasha Street Caves have daily tours!

Music Venues

Downtown Saint Paul doesn't care whether you prefer a jazz-drenched late night tormented by crying saxophones in the (formerly) smoky basement of the Artists' Quarter, or an early evening listening to America's premier chamber orchestra in the crisp and beautiful SPCO hall. It has both and—if you're not feeling either—there's probably a death metal band with a mosh pit at Station 4 in Lowertown.

Parks, Recreation & Nature Reserves

The city of Saint Paul is home to one of the best park systems in the country, and features some of the most well-kept and beautiful hiking trails, sports facilities, woods, picnic areas, fishing, and scenic beauty in the world. Saint Paul offers so many parks that this publication was unable to include them all in its listings.

Sports & Competition

From Bocce ball to baseball, Saint Paul has it all.

Theater & Performing Arts

Includes small underground Lowertown collectives and nationally-known companies with their own theater buildings.