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TWISP | This Week in Saint Paul: Monday, May 11, – Sunday, May 17, 2015

What are YOU doing this summer? I am still trying to answer that. Both the question and its answers slip my mind too often. Before I forget, I wanted to make sure to ask and answer that query for a couple of fantastic opportunities that few of our young actors should check out in the next week or two.



Wednesday, April 22, 2015: Emmanuel Ortiz presents "Farmworkers and Food Justice" at the Lowertown Reading Jam

On the eve of the anniversary of the death of Cesar Chavez, one of the most iconic figures in the fight for farmworker justice in the United States, we honor the lives and work of farmworkers, and celebrate the struggle for workers’ rights and food justice. The poets featured each have an organic relationship to the issues, some of them being descendants of farmworkers, some doing food justice work. All of them use art to tell the stories and change the world.

The Saint Paul Almanac has done it again. We have come away with another Midwest Book Award, this year in the Reference category.