“It’s a collection of writing. It’s a datebook. It’s a guide to entertainment and events. Our favorite home-grown hybrid is back…. This is a book to be cherished by everyone who loves St. Paul.”
— St. Paul Pioneer Press

“A diverse mix of tributes, commentary, and comedy from students, longtime residents, new immigrants, journalists, and nostalgic ex-Saint Paul residents.”
City Pages

“A compendium of local event calendars, resources and tips, combined with personal stories, history and secrets. All that, and plenty of room to scribble your own plans, insights and lists.”
— Star Tribune

“Every city should have such respect and fondness for itself.”
— Dallas Morning News

“…a datebook with a difference… a welter of stories from all of the ethnic groups and ages that make up the capital city… [this] fusion of multiethnic, history-and-culture-rich, hyperlocal storytelling is resonating….There are Saint-Paul-themed poems by established and unknown poets, essays by up-and-coming novelists, reminiscences by old-timers. As the days pass, the reader/user of the Almanac gets a richer and richer image of Saint Paul as a hub of human experience, a place where, for nearly two centuries, people from far-flung places have come together to share space and history.”
— The Line (Twin Cities)

“This appealingly fat paperback is a work of genius—many geniuses, actually. Yes, it’s a monthly guide to activities in St. Paul over the next year, but that’s just for starters; the book is packed full of poems, short essays, photographs and paintings, all with a St. Paul theme…Contributors include ordinary folk, emerging writers and some of the state’s most important authors—Connie Wanek, Carol Connolly, Joyce Sutphen and oh, here’s a little poem about spring by Garrison Keillor. Also included is a hand-drawn poster-sized map showing neighborhoods, parks and indie businesses (such as Grumpy Steve’s, Polly’s Coffee Cove and Big Daddy’s BBQ). A charming, egalitarian and useful book. Minneapolis should take note.”
— Star Tribune

“Important dates and even cheese-curd haikus. Pig’s Eye never seemed crazier.”
Minnesota Monthly

“Just about the most comprehensive book about Saint Paul you’ll ever need”
— St. Paul Pioneer Press

“A practical, informative, and at times personal reference of all things St. Paul”
— City Pages