August 21, 2014 - Soul Sounds Open Mic with Jeremiah Bey


Jeremiah Bey is a visual artist and writer/storyteller. He currently works as both an independent artist, and a Juxtaposition Arts roster artist. Jeremiah was born and raised in North Minneapolis as one of four children. He credits growing up in a full house with teaching him the value of multiple perspectives, and the importance of other voices in the creative thought process.

August 14, 2014 - Soul Sounds Open Mic with Michelle Be


A native of south Minneapolis, Michelle Be is a spoken word poet, visual artist, theater artist, and musician. She uses her work to dive into many levels of introspection in order to reconfigure, heal, and progress. With a background in Psychology, Michelle aims to bridge science and spirituality through her art: “I am most interested in connecting with audiences on a cerebral level. This allows me to remain authentic in expressing that which forms in my creative state of mind.”

July 24, 2014 - Soul Sounds Open Mic with Rebecca Song


Rebecca Song has parts made in China and Canada and assembled in the United States. In writings that could be considered poetry or spoken word, she explores her reality as a 1.5-generation immigrant, Asian/Asian American, and woman of color. She is the recipient of the Inroads Mentorship Award in 2013, is a Community Editor for the Saint Paul Almanac, and currently sits on the organizing committee for the Twin Cities World Refugee Day. She also loves reading and performing her pieces, but only time will tell if she's any good at it (although the critics have decided that she is very good at it).

July 23rd 2014: Mankwe Ndosi presents "Dreams for the Beginning of the Beginning" at the Lowertown Reading Jam

Mankwe Sing 2

A system of rule and oppression that does not value and wears out its source, its fuel, is destined to destroy itself—or at least be transformed radically (at its root). We need innovation, quirk, wonder—unconventional thinkers and dreamers to call forth, dance forth, sing forth, and live into existence a more generative future.