(Photo: Nigel Parry)

Cops know that hands can kill us

always, watch the hands

hands comfort, carry, bring safety

they hold, caress, and lift us...

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My Unforgettable Lesson of the RNC

Police and protesters in Mears Park (Photo: nigelparry.com)

It was Tuesday in Mears Park, the second day of the Republican National Convention (RNC). We had already marched on Monday as part of the crowd of 10,000 protesting everything from the war in Iraq to the presence of Ethiopian troops in Mogadishu. Being part of a large group like that, you tend to only see and hear those things in your immediate area. But someone mentioned that they heard a cop say there had already been tear gas used farther downtown.

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Police Work: Undercover as a prostitute with Carolen Bailey


Here is a picture signed in 1974 from the very first case I ever worked on. I had just pulled off my blond wig when Sgt. Paul Paulos pointed his camera at me, so I put the wig back on crooked, because I really didn’t think he’d take the photo.

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The Date With Danny Kress

The Wolves' Den at Como Zoo

Remember that date? You know—the one when you were a teen and had so much fun you'll never forget it? Danny took his gang to Como Zoo. After hours. There was not much to see, since most of the animals were locked up. They went for the excitement of doing something dangerous.

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