Have you ever been to Mickey’s Diner? Well, I have. The first time was about four or five years ago. But I remember it clear as day. It looked like a house trailer. When we got there, I was amazed by how small but cool it was.

I went inside, and everyone was nice, joyful, polite, and seemed like they were always in a great mood. We got a booth by the window. Five minutes later, a woman came over, and I asked for a chocolate shake. It took only three minutes and it was ready. I’d never had a shake made so fast before, so I hesitated before I really tried it. I loved it!! It was the best milkshake I had ever had.

Then when I got the fries . . . Wow! They were hot, long, crispy, and completely delicious. It was so much fun that I’ll never forget that day. I hope I can go there again really soon.

Mickey’s Dining Car
36 West Seventh St.

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Mariela Consuela Cole is twelve years old. Her birthday is September 4, 1997. She has an older sister, Marisa, and an older brother, Diamonte. In her life, Mariela has had four dogs, eight cats, two hamsters, and three fish. She has gone to two different schools, Pratt and St. Anthony Park. She thanks you for reading her life story.

Photo courtesy of Teresa Boardman. Visit Teresa’s photostream on Flickr.

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