Rachel’s Trees at Como Park (Photo: Daniel Tilsen)

One of my favorite places in Saint Paul is Rachel’s Trees. Rachel’s Trees is a memorial to my sister who passed away a few days after birth. The trees are a small part of Como Park, but they are beautiful. They bloom white buds in the spring. They are only about five feet tall, but they are very important to me.

Usually my mom, dad, and I go down to see the trees on my birthday. The reason we go down on my birthday is because it was her birthday too. She was my identical twin.

If you ever want to see my sister’s peaceful memorial, it is just across the street from the Como Conservatory. That is one of my favorite places in Saint Paul.


Karina Strom is in sixth grade. Karina loves to dance and takes classes at MYDT dance; she has been dancing for about eight years. She also loves to act, travel, and go to new places. Karina is very glad her piece about her sister’s memorial, “Rachel’s Trees,” is in the Saint Paul Almanac.

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