College Park at the corner of Carter and Raymond avenues. (Photo: Daniel Tilsen)

My favorite place in Saint Paul is College Park. It’s my favorite place because it’s practically my backyard, where I can go every day, whenever I want. I can play tennis, basketball, football, and a bunch of other really fun sports. There are mini forests in College Park with dead branches. So you can always make a fort or look for sticks to whack your friends with. The whole place is great for hiding things, that’s why it has its very own geocache (hidden container). So whenever you’re there and you’re pretty bored, just take a look and you might even find it.

College Park is awesome in the winter because of its famous sledding hills, called Suicide and Daredevil. And ever since they put in some boards to keep people from slipping, they’re more hardcore than ever. Get ready and . . . Go! Aaauuugghh!!! Bump, bump, bump, crash!! Well, there’s a messy scene, but on the bright side, it was a heck of a ride!

Jamie Steinmann is a sixth-grader at St. Anthony Park Elementary. His inspiration is his dog, Roxy. He has so much personality that he could make a short story about himself long. That’s why he loves writing. Jamie can never put his pencil down.

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