What is YOUR Saint Paul? The Saint Paul Almanac wants to know!

The Saint Paul Almanac is a people’s meeting space for sharing the life of our city—a literary campfire around which our vibrant community gathers to share a unique mixture of stories, history, events, and art. Come join our celebration of Saint Paul!

We are looking for untold stories of Saint Paul: the funny, the embarrassing, the reflective, the sad, and the sweet. Do you have a story to tell? The best stories often come from your own experience.

The 2012 Saint Paul Almanac included stories about telepathic monkeys at the Como golf course, visiting the Pig’s Eye Island city dump, how the Skyline Towers got the name “Titanic Tower,” and observing wildlife on the West Side. Other typical contributions have included profiles of Saint Paul people and characters, memories of historical events, family recipes, and reviews and stories about venues, restaurants, and other places people love.

Your story or poem will be published alongside authors such as Garrison Keillor, Katrina Vandenberg, Carol Connolly, J. Otis Powell!, and Patricia Kirkpatrick.

A board of 21 community editors evaluate stories and edit them, and all decisions are made democratically. Everyone is strongly encouraged to write—the unpublished, the professional, and everyone in-between!

If you make your living by writing or if you just like telling a story now and again, we want to hear from you.

Visit our submissions page for more information.

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