Keys Café in downtown Saint Paul. Keys is also on Raymond Avenue. (Photo: Henry Jackson)

When I lived in California, my favorite restaurant was Tomatina’s. Then I moved to Minnesota, and I went to Keys. Keys is on Raymond Avenue, and it is my favorite breakfast restaurant in Minnesota! Usually, we only go there for special events. Once, my friends from California visited us, and we went to Keys. That was the second time I had been there, and it was better than the first time.

Every time I have been to Keys, I’ve ordered buttermilk pancakes with eggs and a sausage. Their pancakes are soft, buttery, golden, and huge! Whenever I get the pancakes, I always expect them to be smaller than they are. They’re practically as big as the plate and almost as thick too. Though, for some reason, it just makes them taste better.

I also like their side of bacon and their cinnamon caramel rolls. The bacon is super good and has just the right amount of fat. The caramel rolls are tall and puffy, with caramel and butter oozing down the sides. The people there make their own strawberry jelly to go on toast, and the flavor goes well with the toast.

When you order eggs, they let you choose if you want your eggs scrambled, over easy, etc.

Keys is a great restaurant and I recommend it for any restaurant outing. Don’t be afraid to try something new every time. Don’t worry, I bet you’ll love it!


Arlo Beckman attends sixth grade in Saint Paul Public Schools. Arlo’s favorite hobby is baseball. He used to live in San Francisco, California, but then his dad was offered a better job in Minnesota, so he moved. He has many friends in Saint Paul and likes it here.

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