The warmth of his hands that wrap mine in the winters of Valentine love,
The tall body that pulls me to recognize him from behind and far away,
The name I call out just to hear his strong voice,
The gentle look in his eyes.
He’s become the replacement of my milk chocolates.

The jokes and rudeness I hate,
The surprising presents I love,
The comfort he gives to me,
The anger he brings out of me,
Are as bitter and sweet as my dark chocolates.

His warm hugs when he’s cold,
His gentle kisses when he’s in love,
His chivalrous acts when he’s jealous,
His kind reassurance of his love,
Are as dreamy as my DOVE chocolates.

As I accept his love, he becomes my favorite chocolate.


Ka Zoua Vang is a senior at Johnson Sr. High School and a community editor for the 2014 Saint Paul Almanac. During her free time, she enjoys writing fictional pieces and poems and drawing anime cartoons.

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