(Photo: Henry Jackson)

Kimberly woke up this day and sat on the side of her bed, thinking. She opened her window. Just like the day before, it was wet and dark and raining. There were no birds in sight, no singing. The sun was hiding.

It is so wet and dark, Kimberly thought to herself, and I am so anxious. Something is wrong. I must be having a stress attack. I need to go to Bethel Care Nursing Home. I will have lunch there and read or play some games with residents. So Kimberly did just that. When it was time for her to leave, the residents thanked her for coming and told her what a good time they’d had.

Stress? Kimberly asked herself. What is stress? I had a wonderful day!

Now the birds were singing, leaves were blowing with the wind, and the sun was out in full force, kissing Kimberly’s face.

Lillie Jordan has nine children, five boys and four girls, whom she loves very much. She also has grandchildren and great-grandchildren that keep her life full of love, peace, wishes, church, and sometimes everything at the same time.

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