Derek Lusche, photo by Mike Hazard
Derek Lusche, photo by Mike Hazard

MY NEIGHBOR DEREK LUSCHE was seeking the center of gravity in his new bird sculpture. “I am going to hang it and maybe make it part of a mobile.”

“I knew I always wanted to be an artist and had the creative outlet to eventually get there. I was able to create and do whatever I envisioned. It’s like having your own little world to create.”

Derek was born legally blind, then diagnosed with glaucoma. But it was a work accident in 2009 that took his vision completely. “I was on a job site and I got hit by a timber-frame floor support pretty much right in front of the eyes.” He has slowly gained some vision back since the incident, and although it’s still blurry, he is pursuing a life in art.

“I did some paintings totally blind. I maybe should display them, but I don’t,” he said, noting the canvases are in his studio as an inspiration.

“I look at that stuff and say, ‘Well, I can still do this whether I can see or not.’”

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