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Help Us Publish Our 2017 Saint Paul Almanac

Saint Paul Almanac needs $10,000 more to publish our next Saint Paul Almanac book in April 2017. Can you help us?

Please take a moment to make a donation in support of our Saint Paul Almanac. This is one of those things that is really hard for me to do, so I don’t ask often; definitely not often enough. But today, it is important.

I work with an array of talented and capable people. They give life to Almanac’s vision and ambition. And they need to get paid. Can you help us do that?

•  We are two thirds of the way to building our 2017 Saint Paul Almanac book. But we still need funds to pay the writers and artists.

We are doing other exciting things too:

•  Our ever-popular, mind-popping, heart-bending Lowertown Reading Jam has been revived.

•  Our most geographically dynamic project, IMPRESSIONS, will soon have poetry and visual art riding the rails and the bus routes of the Twin Cities with really cool parties coming up to celebrate our poets and artists.

•   We have the most amazing story-sharing device in town, Storymobile, It’s turning heads and bringing community gatherings to life.

We are a small organization with big dreams, but because we have you and neighbors like you, we can make those big dreams happen. We collect and preserve the recorded story of Saint Paul, create space for all of Saint Paul’s voices to be heard, pay artists, and change the landscape of the arts in our town.

It all happens because of your help.

Your support continues to warm my heart. Perhaps your heart has felt the same as a result of our work. Donating now will share that feeling with even more folks. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Thanks for being with us.

All my best,

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