We don’t ask much. Heck, we don’t ask enough. Maybe it is because so many ask so often. Even though these asks are necessary, it sometime takes the heart out of giving.

But you can find heart:

You find it in the various ways we’ve connected Saint Paul’s life to stories, history, and the emerging future and existing art that is our DNA.

We need you to help the blood coursing through the veins of our Capital City. We hope you will help on this Give to the Max Day. We need a jolt to the heart to make our next book possible.

What the Almanac does is something that is not done anywhere else. Our community editor process is unique to Saint Paul and admired across the country.

Your gift today will help keep Saint Paul a community that maintains a place for stories. In a published book. With real paper pages to turn. And stunning art. Stories and poetry about our lives. Stories and poetry about our failures and our dreams.

With the Saint Paul Almanac in town, Saint Paul is a city that makes room for its many, many stories from a large literary cast. 

Give to the Max now and help us get the word out!

And thanks! We love you!

Saint Paul Almanac Board and Workers

Metric Giles, Kathleen Vellenga, Carla Knight, Leon Daisy, Stewart Stone, Stephanie Wright, Sagirah Shahid, Michael Kiesow Moore, Justin Holt, Linda White, Deb Runyon, Shaquan Foster, Clarence White, David Unowsky, Melvin Giles, Darius Gray, Pamela Fletcher, Katherine DeCelle, Bianca Rhodes, Judy Gilats, Wendy Brown-Baéz, Denny Cave, Hlee Lee, Ben Weaver, IBé, Danielle Magnuson, Sylvie Thomas, and Kimberly Nightingale

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