Arcata Press | Saint Paul Almanac (SPA) is a literary-centered arts organization whose mission is to share stories across cultures and cultivate dialogue to promote understanding, relationships, and collaborative action.

Inclusive and equitable leadership and participation is a guiding principle we put into daily practice. The stories we share are created through writing, spoken word, film, podcasts, visual art, readings, and many other activities that honor the flourishing of local voice and thought. Some of our signature programs and projects are Storymobile, a moveable art space that brings people-powered storytelling to the streets, communities, and events of Saint Paul; the annual Saint Paul Almanac book, a collection of stories, poems, and artwork by and about the people of Saint Paul, created via our unique community editor mentorship process; the IMPRESSIONS project, which places local poetry and art in public transit spaces; the Lowertown Reading Jam; the documentary film and podcast RONDO: Beyond the Pavement; Poetry in the Park in the Dark; and our collaborative fiscal sponsorship program, where we fiscally sponsor and build mutually supportive relationships with other community organizations.

The Executive Director (ED) functions as the primary collaborative leader* of SPA. The ED has the passion to energize communities around the vision of enhancing the quality of life and building capacity through the arts and to infuse that vision into all activities: strategic direction, programs, services, and relationship building. That vision includes providing new opportunities for artists to publish their work, learn new skills, and find new audiences; intergenerational and intercultural mentoring and learning in the arts; and promoting equity through opportunities for the voices of people from many cultural identities and other identities who have historically not been represented in places of power to be heard and to shape and lead the community in which we live.

The successful ED will use a collaborative leadership style to guide the artistic vision, strategic direction, administration, and programs of the organization. The ED collaborates with staff and contractors (editors, artists, volunteers, and other invested individuals) to envision, execute, develop, and manage all aspects of SPA programs, operations, fundraising and development, fiscal management, and communications. This work includes strategic plan development/implementation, communications and marketing planning/implementation, community engagement, and other duties as assigned by the board.

The ED position reports directly to the Board of Directors.

The ED works extensively with local government, for-profit, and nonprofit organizations, and the people of Saint Paul in building a coalition of support around stories and public art that honor local voice and thought. The ED enhances SPA’s image by being active and visible in the community. The ED seeks out and values editors, authors, artists, and audiences from the local community and from a multiplicity of cultural identities.


Fundraising and Development

Fiscal Management



Arcata Press | Saint Paul Almanac is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Persons of color, indigenous individuals, and LGBTQ identified individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.

HOW TO APPLY: To be considered for this opening, please email the following documents to (consultant for Saint Paul Almanac):

If you have any questions, please call 651-222-8333

* A collaborative leader invests time to build relationships, handles conflicts in a constructive manner, and shares leadership.



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