I Wish

By Allysza Castile

Last night I woke up out my sleep and I cried for you.
I tried to hold it in, but my tears just flowed like an endless river that would never end. I drowned in my sorrow. I reached out for you. I just needed a hug, but you weren’t there. I wish you were there. I wish you could just be here.
I wish I could see you or laugh with you one more time. It’s hard for me to still even accept you’re gone. I will never say goodbye. I wish I could talk to you and listen to your voice, play some music, sing our favorite song. You were too good for this earth, too pure for this evil world. You are a king forever and always, my brother, Philando.

Artist Demont Pinder painted this outdoor art piece onsite at the Philando Castile Peace Garden in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. Philando’s school cafeteria apron hangs on the back of the painting.

© Andy Clayton-King