In Partnership with Saint Paul Neighborhood Network and WFNU Frogtown Community Radio

St. Paul, Minn. – Saint Paul Almanac, in partnership with Saint Paul Neighborhood Network and WFNU Frogtown Community Radio, will be hosting a free screening of Rooted in Rondo, a youth-produced short film documentary and audio piece that explores the histories, legacies, and future of Saint Paul’s historic Rondo neighborhood.

The project features interviews with prominent Rondo residents, oral histories of past residents, and stories from current community members. Rooted in Rondo tells narrative stories from this historic Black neighborhood, pre- and post-construction of Interstate 94. Rooted in Rondo addresses what makes a community and how it heals after displacement and trauma.

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“Saint Paul Almanac is honored to work with and support the brilliant film crew of Rooted in Rondo,” said Saint Paul Almanac CEO and Publisher, Pamela R. Fletcher Bush. “They’re on the cutting edge of expressing the spirit and the unearthed stories that reveal resistance against the devastation of eminent domain that caused historical trauma in the Rondo community over the past 60 years. The film captures the community’s resilience so beautifully in both the hard times and the good times, binding the hearts of the residents together with continued hope for the future.”

Rooted in Rondo features interviews of former and current Rondo residents: Brooke Blakey, Glenice Booker-Butler, Stephanie Booker-Wright, Verlene E Booker, Danny Givens, T. Mychael Rambo, Amie D Thomas, Jacquelyn (Crenshaw) Thomas, and Andreésa Wright.

Youth audio producer Indigo Davitt-Liu said, “By working on this project, I learned how deeply resilient this cultural landmark in the Twin Cities is. My understanding of Rondo before this project was one of tragedy due to the highway construction. The Rondo community didn’t end with the highway.”

“CHS Field is thrilled to be hosting Saint Paul Almanac’s screening of Rooted in Rondo,” said Grace Hall, Events Coordinator at CHS Field. “The Rondo neighborhood is significant to the history of baseball in St. Paul, and those deep ties are highlighted in our City of Baseball Museum at the stadium.”

Rooted in Rondo is directed by Bianca Rhodes and Katharine DeCelle, and produced by a team of youth and mentors: Kojak Acon, Angelo Bush, Emmanuel Duncan, Melvin Giles, Indigo Davitt-Liu, Jacy Landi, Jasmine McBride, and Jevrye Morris.

Both Rhodes and DeCelle worked on the previous award-winning film in this series, Rondo: Beyond the Pavement.


Wednesday, June 22, 2022 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Film screening at 7:30 p.m. followed by youth filmmakers panel discussion, light
 appetizers, cash bar


CHS Field—Securian Financial Club (360 North Broadway Street, St. Paul, MN 55101)




Interviews with directors Bianca Rhodes and/or Katharine DeCelle are available upon request.


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