Midway Memories

(Photo: Jack Steinnman)

(Photo: Jack Steinnman)

My Hamline-Midway neighborhood is the kind of place where childhood memories are made. Sure, Wisconsin Dells, a Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas, and Disney World all have their fair share of excitement and joyous wonderment. But nothing can compare to the warm feeling you get as sticky chocolate ice cream drizzles down your fingers, while you watch your sister try to feed the dog some of hers. The simple rushes of adrenaline as you speed away on your tarnished red mountain bike, the fading orange sun glaring off the chrome handlebars. In the winter, glistening white snow forts protect from compacted snowballs that sting like bees. Baseball games under the bright floodlights of Midway ballparks, making you feel as if you are at Target Field, standing right next to Justin Morneau. Buying rich, creamy Milky Way candy bars at Lloyd’s Pharmacy, then stopping at the library to pick up Tintin comics. Spending time with loved ones, be it shouting “Uno!” as the last card leaves your hand, getting a plastic birdie stuck in your inexpensive racket, or figuring out a puzzling crossword. These are all memories that might not seem big and amazing, but they are the most important.


Eli Freberg is an aspiring author and straight A student who enjoys his work. At the age of thirteen, Eli is very busy juggling school, karate, and baseball. Besides writing, he enjoys drawing, camping, playing guitar, and hanging out with friends! An above-average kid living in Saint Paul, he strives to make a difference in his community and classroom.

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