The Pig’s Eye Post survived a month! Winter next!

This is our fourth edition of the Pig’s Eye Post. Last week, we told you we were looking for your best “Minnesota Nice story.” And it’s been a busy week. Not only did the President visit our city, we also received a stunning entry from Louis DiSanto. Don’t let Louis’ “Yes We Already Have” attitude put you off because we’re still accepting entries.

We’ll send the winner either a copy of the 2011 Almanac and/or a cup and we’ll send the runner-up whatever the winner didn’t want. Send us your stories (400 words max) at and we’ll post some of the best in the coming weeks!

Saint Paul News & Mystery

Clues to lost royal complex unearthed by LRT excavation crew

By Andy Remke

Workers performing advance utility relocation work in preparation for light rail construction in Lowertown have stumbled across what local authorities believe may be a long lost royal complex that is likely the final resting place of Boreas the Brrrave. It is not unusual for the refuse of bygone eras to turn up during large scale excavations such as that which has been taking place in Lowertown this past summer. Similar work on the Hiawatha Line in Minneapolis uncovered scores of bottles, household items, and more than a few horseshoes. The quality, variety, and sheer volume of items discovered beneath 4th street have, however, prompted calls for a halt to further work on the project – if only temporarily. Read more.

Saint Paul Almanac Events

The Saint Paul Almanac’s Celebration through Stories readings are ongoing until early December in coffee shops around the city. The event series features contributors to the Saint Paul Almanac reading their pieces from the 2011 edition. Coming events include Polly’s Coffee Cove (Oct 26th), the Mad Hatter Coffee Cafe and Teahouse (Nov 13th), and Common Good Books (Nov 15th). See our Celebration through Stories event page for more information.

Truly Super Upcoming Events

Theater Latté Da’s production of Evita, starring Zoe Pappas as Eva and Jared Oxborough as Che. (Photo: George Byron Griffiths)

Evita at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts

First Lady of Argentina Eva Perón was a legend in her time. An illegitimate country girl, she rose to become the most powerful woman Latin America had ever seen—a potent symbol of hope and change. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s opera is the powerhouse telling of her brief and fascinating life.

Choreographer Michael Matthew Ferrell has worked hard to ensure that on-stage movement—especially the tango—is central to this production of Evita by Theater Latté Da, one of the country’s theater companies that focuses primarily on musical theater.

Evita continues until November 14, 2010. More info and tickets available at

Opening of Hmong Village on Saturday 30th

Chris Havens at the Star Tribune reports the grand opening of Hmong Village next weekend:

a labyrinth of indoor merchant stalls, fresh produce vendors, bustling kitchens and offices geared toward the region’s tens of thousands of Hmong residents, many who live in St. Paul… A trip to Hmong Village isn’t like going to Southdale. It’s similar to other ethnic marketplaces, such as the multicultural Midtown Global Market or Somali Karmel Square in Minneapolis, where many small family-run businesses rent smaller spaces to sell goods and services. It’s perhaps the most local of local economies… There are 40 offices, 35 produce booths, 17 restaurants and 230 merchant stalls.

Visit Hmong Village at 1001 Johnson Pkwy, just south of Lake Phalen, 10 minutes drive from Downtown.

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Last Chance Halloween

You still have one last weekend to watch Bare Bones Theater’s annual Halloween extravaganza in the forest. Truly one of Saint Paul’s marvelous events. For more information, see last week’s blog entry or get it from the horse’s mouth at

For other upcoming event listings, check out our Saint Paul Calendar at

New Almanac writing from Louis DiSanto and Janaly Farias

THINGS WE LOVE: A Minnesota Nice Story: The Lost Wallet

By Louis DiSanto
The only time I ever lost my wallet was at a Twins game in 1972. When I discovered my back pocket was empty, I remember my brother Tom and I running across the parking lot and crawling under a half-open service door to get back into Met Stadium. As we walked through the bowels of that venerable sports palace looking for help, my stomach was in knots thinking about losing over sixty dollars, my driver’s license, credit card and student discount card for Burger King. Suddenly, we spotted a burly figure coming toward us. Was this my angel of mercy?
Read more.

MEMORIES: A Kilometer of Cheese

By Janaly Farias
I will never forget the first time I entered a Mexican store as an eight-year-old and tried to buy something. It was after I had emigrated from the United States to Mexico. I had trouble with ordinary words, like asking to use the bathroom. I had to tell one of my older sisters to do it for me, because they knew more Spanish than I did. One day, my dad sent me to the store to buy leche (milk). I had a very puzzled expression, so my sister slapped me across the head and said, “It’s milk, you retard.” “Well, sorry, miss know-it-all!” I answered her back while rubbing my head. As it turned out, my sister went for the milk.
Read more.

Saint Paul Facts: We got ’em, now you know ’em

DID YOU KNOW? On February 24, 1985, an estimated 25,000 spectators gathered up and down the Mississippi on a Sunday to watch the demolition of the old High Bridge.

Above left: Spectators awaiting demolition of the High Bridge, St. Paul. (Photo: Charles W. Burback/Minnesota Historical Society). Above right: This sequence was taken by Joe Landsberger on his front porch at 169 Goodrich Avenue.

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