Adult Bald Eagle flying above downtown St. Paul and over the Mississippi River (Photo: Derek Bakken/Flickr CC)

On the south shoreline
   of the Mississippi
       in Saint Paul
           one black eagle
               breaks the tree line
                   pins down two o’clock
                       on the last day
                           of an encroaching decade
                               drops down like New Year’s ball
                                   scatters river gulls
                                       like rough confetti
                                           over cobalt


Donna Isaac, a poet and teacher, has an MFA from Hamline University. Raised in Virginia, her poems often incorporate Commonwealth landscapes as well as those of her now snowier Minnesota home. Recent publications are Tommy, a chapbook from Red Dragonfly Press; poems in the Minnesota Arboretum calendar, 2010–11; Writers Rising Up; Pisgah Review, Brevard College; and Juked. Visit her website at

Eagle photo courtesy of Derek Bakken. Browse Derek’s photostream on Flickr.