(Photo: Mike Hazard)
(Photo: Mike Hazard)

Dale Massie pulls for the little guy. “I’m pulling for the little guy, like you and me.”

“God gives us free will. We have no excuse. You know what I’m saying?”

While he smoked his break away, we engaged and enjoyed a free-ranging dialogue that touched on aliens, human violence, the many names for God (Allah, Buddha, Wakantanka, Manido, She, It, and ________ ), Ancker Hospital, Lowertown development, Union ­Depot, the History Channel, metro transit, rich people, fog, and more things I should have written down right then. You know what I’m saying?

Every day is different.

“People don’t see that.”

You know what we’re saying?


Mike Hazard decided to make a picture story of a person every day for a year, posting them on Facebook in an album called 365 Friends. He’s had so much fun, he can’t stop. He is a current recipient of an Artist Initiative grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. With Legacy funding, he will click photos within walking distance of home for a collection called LOCAL COLOR.