All Good Things Are Wild And Free


“IN THE MIDDLE of all the chaos of life, a massage,” smiles Andrea Sullivan. She is a practitioner of Shiatsu Anma, Chinese Abdominal Detox Massage (Chi Nei Tsang), Thai Yoga Massage, and Taoist Medical Qi Gong and meditation, and to watch Andrea giving a massage in the moiling farmers' market is becalming.



Wang Ger, also called Joe, has been trying to teach me to speak more words of Hmong. “I have learned English; you can learn more Hmong.” I am not a good student, but he does not give up...

The Little Guy


Dale Massie pulls for the little guy. “I’m pulling for the little guy, like you and me. God gives us free will. We have no excuse. You know what I’m saying?” While he smoked his break away, we engaged and enjoyed a free-ranging dialogue that touched on aliens, human violence, the many names for God...

Union Depot highlights Lowertown artists from the 2014 Saint Paul Almanac


The Union Depot, the restored transportation hub and key Lowertown landmark, is featuring the 2014 Saint Paul Almanac in a display inside its entrance hall. The latest edition of the Almanac features artwork by many Lowertown artists including Ken and Roberta Avidor, Ta-coumba Aiken, Michael McColl, Chad Hambright, Sarah Marie Wash, Josh and Amy Hosterman, Patrick McCutchen, Tom Dunn, Serena Mira Asta, Frank Brown, Rachel Whacker, Alex Kuno, Shelley Rolhf, Kristi Abbott. Tom Reynen, Tom McGregor, Lisa Mathieson, Mike Hazard, and Nigel Parry.

The Goddess of Film


“Sally Dixon is the Goddess of Film,” asserts digital artist Bonita Wahl. A dancer with Kairos Dance Theatre, a cultivated soul, and a legendary angel for artists of all sorts, Sally was one of the first curators of avant-garde film in America. She exhibited pioneering experimental works by the likes of Stan Brakhage, James Broughton, Carolee Schneemann, Robert Breer, and Kenneth Anger at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Art during the 1960s...

The Winter Saint Paul Farmers’ Market opens on December 1st!


On December 1st, the Saint Paul Farmers' Market's winter market opens, following the end of the fall season. Open every Saturday (except March 16th) from 9am-1pm, the market offers both an outside location—in the regular market at 4th and Wall Street—and an inside location, in Golden's Deli. You may be tempted to think not much is still being produced by local farms during the winter, but the Saint Paul Farmer's Market's winter version offers a not inconsiderable variety and quantity of food during the chilly months...

A Pint-Sized Child

By Mike Hazard ● 2009

A pint of raspberries rests in the lap of a pint-sized child. Lolling in her stroller, she’s living in the lap of luxury...