star-tribune-holiday-books-2013On November 30, Minneapolis Star Tribune books editor Laurie Hertzel published an article, “Holiday books: 10 that reflect Minnesota and the region”, which included a review of the 2014 Saint Paul Almanac.

“From collected letters to collected stories, from memoir to adventure, these 10 books reflect Minnesota and the region”, goes the byline, which introduces a variety of fiction, nonfiction, photo books, and several items of literary interest.

Read the Star Tribune‘s full feature article here. The Almanac review appears below.

“The 2014 Saint Paul Almanac
(Arcata Press, $14.95)

This appealingly fat paperback is a work of genius—many geniuses, actually. Yes, it’s a monthly guide to activities in St. Paul over the next year, but that’s just for starters; the book is packed full of poems, short essays, photographs and paintings, all with a St. Paul theme.

Contributors include ordinary folk, emerging writers and some of the state’s most important authors—Connie Wanek, Carol Connolly, Joyce Sutphen and oh, here’s a little poem about spring by Garrison Keillor. Also included is a hand-drawn poster-sized map showing neighborhoods, parks and indie businesses (such as Grumpy Steve’s, Polly’s Coffee Cove and Big Daddy’s BBQ). A charming, egalitarian and useful book. Minneapolis should take note.

Accepting submissions for the 2015 Almanac through Dec. 15. Go to

Buy the 2014 Saint Paul Almanac here for $14.95, shipping and handling included.

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