Art by Lisa-Marie Greenly

Young Sins

By Beth L. Voigt ● 2015

“Mom, what’s a sin?” Mom straightened the newspapers on the coffee table, picked up my brother’s two sweat socks and his blue Highland Groveland baseball shirt, and moved the armchair

Blessed for Life

By Mike Hazard ● 2015

A wild-looking man I don’t know from Adam begged a ride from the PO to the Dorothy Day Center. He’s jazzed, jazzed about a Thanksgiving feast. With a shock of

Saint Paul Connections: The Labor Movement and the Civil Rights Struggle

By Peter Rachleff ● 2015

The August 28, 2013, march in Saint Paul commemorating the fif­tieth anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington expressed the historic interconnections of the labor movement and the civil rights


By Maryam Marne Zafar ● 2015

The steady drum beat. The high trilling voices. The whipping colors of the people.   POW WOW!   The soft stomping of moccasins upon the earth matching the shush-shush shuffle