(Photos courtesy of Lady Elegant's Tea Room)

My favorite place in Saint Paul is Lady Elegant’s Tea Room. Lady Elegant’s Tea Room is special to me because that’s where I had my first cup of tea.

It’s fun to go there because in the back of the room is a wall lined with hooks. On each hook is a different hat. One hat in particular is special to me. That hat is red velvet with a fingertip veil in the front and three red bows on top of each other on the side. I wear it every time I have tea there with my mom, and it’s my favorite.

Not only have I had good tea there, I’ve also had really good scones. I’ve had an apricot scone, a blueberry one, and a chocolate chip one. I have a memory associated with the blueberry scone: I had it with the first cup of tea I ever drank. It was Jane Austen tea, and I shared the pot with my mom. We both thought it was delicious.

When I go there with my mom, we always sit by the window so we can see the courtyard below us. The first thing my mom and I do when we go there is pick out a hat. I always pick out my favorite red one. Next, we sit down to a white tablecloth with a circle of candles at the side. The candles are for the teapot to rest on so it stays warm. On top of the tablecloth are white, frilly placemats. On each placemat is a goblet filled with water. Between the two placemats are a bowl filled with sugar cubes and a doily on top and a cup full of cream.

I like Lady Elegant’s tea room because it’s a nice, relaxing place where my mom and I can have fun. That’s why Lady Elegant’s tea room is my favorite place in Saint Paul.

Lady Elegant’s Tea Room
2230 Carter Ave.

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Amanda Baden is eleven years old and she lives in Saint Paul and attends St. Anthony Park Elementary School. She is in sixth grade. She has a cat and a dog. Her favorite kind of writing is poetry.

Photos courtesy of Lady Elegant’s Tea Room.