Bald-headed Men and Sundays

My boys viewed their mid-1980s births in the old Midway Hospital on University between Porky’s and Ax-Man as an embarrassment, a slight their

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Slow Boats and Fast Water

Early in the morning on June 21, 2007, my son Cullen encountered a rowing scull, crewed by five young women in the Saint Paul Harbor and pinned

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Just beyond the hem of the lake’s blue skirt
the sky turned suddenly jaundiced,
a weighted stillness, not quite your own,

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Danger Days

Back in the old danger days,
when we were kids, we stood
on the front seat of the Chevy Impala—no seat belts to hold us back,
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Skeleton of a Nation

jagged rocks dusted red bleed rose water from ancient springs who was baptized here saved and sustained by sacrificial land...

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