Ironic Meetings of Ghosts at the Irish Fair of Minnesota on Saint Paul’s Harriet Island


The Irish Fair’s site along the pewter-gray, spreading Mississippi beneath downtown Saint Paul on the ample greensward of Harriet Island is majestic and invites celebration. The bustling and music-crammed Irish Fair with its snowy canvas tents, its black-tinted signposts, and plentiful green turf offers an Ireland of the mind to its visitors.

An Invitation from Minnesota Author and Illustrator: Minnesota State Fair A to Z!


Count twelve days back from Labor Day and you can always figure out the starting date of the Minnesota State Fair, the largest fair in the United States. Texans argue

The True Box of Life

By Students of Gordon Parks High School ● 2014

Kofi Bobby Hickman taught us about the three snakes of life: the cobra snake—it lures you in; the rattlesnake—it warns you; and the garter snake—it bites you without warning.

Selby Avenue, 1970

By Marcie Rendon ● 2014

As a teenager I drove grain trucks, pickup trucks, and Massey Ferguson tractors for farmers in the Red River Valley. I hauled oats, corn, and soybeans and drove alongside combines as wheat poured into truck beds. I plowed fields and threw straw bales. While not an idyllic life by any means, it was a life of sunshine and even golder harvest moons.

Choose Your Adventure: A Saint Paul Guide for College Students and Twenty-Somethings


Yes, Saint Paul is the mellow sister city to Minneapolis, prime family-raising territory and, from the mansions on Summit to the bluffs gazing over the river, a place to walk and contemplate. But whether you’ve got a week or four years here to explore, Saint Paul is also a place where you can be adventurous, curious, and free.

Going to the Library


Early on, my library card was one of my most precious possessions. This small piece of heavy card stock, about three by four inches, was my passport to the adventure of other worlds, and also to my own adventures.

City Critters in Saint Paul


Wildlife thrives in Saint Paul. This morning, I roused two Red Tailed Hawks feeding on Mouse in my backyard. They flew off over our neighborhood community garden and disappeared beyond the rooftops.

Teaching from the Heart


As with most love affairs, it happened by chance and caught me by surprise. After our first few dates, I realized that my life had led me to this moment, that I was right where I belonged: in front of 150 students every day at Central High School.

Thank You for Calling The Radisson Saint Paul


During the summer of 1980 between my sophomore and junior years at Hamline University, I worked as a telephone operator on the 3 to 11 p.m. shift on the last existing cord board in Saint Paul, at the downtown Radisson Hotel. The toggles and cords were mounted in a long, narrow black desk with metal-rimmed holes in a vertical wall panel. Two operators sat side by side, clicking the cloth-wrapped cords into room-numbered holes to connect the calls.